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Drop exclusive content as verified collectables called Trinkets. Collect Trinkets from your favorite influencers, artists, musicians, and more. Find us on the Apple AppStore and Google Play.

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Our core identity

On Trinket, you are not what you post but what you collect

It’s all about hype

Trinket is the Hype Machine that transforms ordinary posts into must-experience events


Trinket drops are exclusive: because you can limit the number of Trinkets in a drop and the time window in which they can be collected, Trinket provides everyone with a way to generate hype.

Trinkets are exclusive

Drop content on Trinket as a Limited Edition for your super fans

Trinkets are special

Limit the number.
Limit the time.

From the number dropped to the time they can be collected and more, Trinket drops can be anything you want them to be.

Limited edition

You set the number of Trinkets in a drop. From 5 to 500 or more, the number is up to you. After they’re all collected, they’re no more!

Exclusive time window

You can set the drop’s pickup window to be as little as 1 minute. After time runs-out, no one else can collect your Trinket


Each Trinket is unique and has an ID number for everyone who collects it

Exclusive chat

After you collect a Trinket, you can chat with others who have also collected it - in a closed chat, only for those who have that Trinket


If you want, you can even drop a Trinket at a place so everyone who wants to collect it must physically go there

Collect in groups

With group collection, you can drop 100 (or any number) of Trinkets and require everyone to collect at the same time and/or the same place!

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